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Over 30 years of experience in sophisticated and tested techniques guarantee an excellent final product.


Nicola Palasciano started his career as an apprentice at the age of nine with the Industrial Group Natuzzi Italia. Late, only at the age of fifteen, thanks to his passion and devotion to his job, he gained full trust in Pasquale Natuzzi. As a result, Natuzzi trusted him for the oversight of the upholstery department for the sofa’s production addressed to the United States market. In 1992, Palasciano’s serious determination and persistence in doing great things, led him to create his own brand: Nicoline. Today, with more than thirty years of experience, Nicoline became an important and well-known manufacturing company. Nicoline is a strong industrial entity inclined to achieve a product with exclusive design and elevated standards, entirely Made in Italy. 

our favorite Nicoline designs

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