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Dean Maltz


Dean Maltz’s practice encompasses three areas: an independent architectural practice, a partnership with Shigeru Ban, and furniture design. In 1990, Maltz founded his design practice, Dean Maltz Architect (DMA). The firm has a diverse portfolio of residential projects throughout the United States, including estates, houses, apartments, and lofts, as well as commercial projects, such as offices, retail space, building identity, and hospitality design. Maltz began working with Shigeru Ban Architects (SBA) in 1999 and is the Managing Partner of the New York office, responsible for all SBA projects in North and South America. Recent projects include the Cast Iron House (2017), the Aspen Art Museum (2014), the Metal Shutter House (2011), and the Nomadic Museum (2005). Dean Maltz Architect designs furniture for leading residential and commercial furniture manufactures in the United States and Italy. Product categories include upholstery, chairs, bedrooms, dining groups, occasional tables, and storage systems. Maltz has received recognition in competitions and exhibitions such as Progressive Architecture’s 3rd Annual International Furniture Competition, and he was awarded the ASID Pinnacle Award for furniture design (2005), the Society of American Registered Architects’ Architectural Innovation Award (2012), and an International Property Award (2014). Maltz graduated from the Cooper Union School of Architecture in 1984, and was awarded the A.I.A. Certificate of Achievement. Prior to completing his undergraduate education, he spent a year living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He attended the Harvard Graduate School of Design, graduating with a Masters of Architecture in 1986. Maltz has taught at a number of institutions, including Columbia University, Washington University, and Cornell University.

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Dean Maltz
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