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Dondoli & Pocci


Archirivolto Design was born in 1983 in Colle di Val d'Elsa, in the province of Siena, thanks to the collaboration between Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli, friends and, at the time, fellow students. Initially it began as a small entrepreneurial reality that dealt with architecture, interior design and furniture sales, thanks to the close link with the most dynamic industries in the local area. A few years later, his activity within the industrial design sector took shape, an interest carried out thanks to an authentic passion for the world of furniture. Guided by a clear entrepreneurial vision, Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli traced the always precise identity of their studio. Specializing in the design of seating - from chair to sofa, from stools to office and outdoor seating - they found themselves in contact with any type of technology and material, especially plastic, gaining experience on anything that could be produced or printed. Archirivolto Design, for over thirty years now, has the will to make beauty accessible. The studio chooses to follow the entire product development process, accompanying and supporting the customer step by step; starting from the market research to the elaboration of creative ideas, to the realization of prototypes made ad hoc by an internal model maker, up to the technical support to the company for the industrialization of the object. Archirivolto Design's mission ? To give light to projects in which creativity always pays attention to the saleability and marketability on a large scale of the product itself.

some of our favorite designs from
Dondoli & Pocci
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