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Giuseppe Viganò


Giuseppe Viganò devotes all his time to industrial planning of furniture items and to the art direction of companies of this sector. As designer, he has a creative spirit and an associated sense of beauty, which he rediscovers each time and realises in every new project. The planning research is the base of his creative thought, which always leads him to achieve new goals. New materials often become a starting point to create not only a product, but also complete collections. The research of references from the art world, fashion and poetry are often the occasion to approach the product in a tangential way; the majority of his well known products were created thanks to painting concepts or glamorous details, other times are poetic gestures that create seducing forms. Giuseppe Vigano's designs pay incredible attention to detail and have a playful use of geometry that makes eye-catching focal points in a contemporary setting. When Vigano gets a design idea, it usually is for a whole collection instead of just one product for added appeal.

some of our favorite designs from
Giuseppe Viganò
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