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Marco Corti


Born in Milan in 1960, Marco Corti is an iconic designer who graduated from Politecnico of Milano with a degree in architecture. At the start of his career, he collaborated with Tecno office furniture company, as well as other prestigious Italian design firms, gaining a stellar reputation over the years. He specializes in the furniture sector and creates striking beds, sofas, tables, poufs, and more. Marco Corti's designs are known for their incredible attention to detail and seamless blend of practicality and style. The combination of sharp angles, clean lines, and eye-catching curves creates one-of-a-kind products that are popular around the globe. In addition to designing, Corti also lectures at different Italian universities to help the next generation of artisans perfect their craft. “Right from the very beginning, my concept of design has been influenced by simplicity in terms of volume, shapes, functionality and use of materials in the most natural way, achieving an elegant and sophisticated interior decoration.”
“To me, furniture design is the best starting point to develop an interior design project. Planning and creating a good product design allows you to get a better knowledge of proportions; also giving you an understanding of how to best manage and decorate the volumes of the interior space.”

some of our favorite designs from
Marco Corti
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