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Barry Dining Table

Designed by Alain Gilles  for Miniforms

Barry is a distinctly graphic table sporting intriguing volumes, a mixture of solidity and lightness. The legs form a prominent feature and curl distinctly around themselves, revealing the table’s dynamic personality. Barry provides reassurance in the home or office.

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L/W 61'' X P/D 61'' X H 29.5''

L/W 65'' X P/D 65''' X H 29.5''

L/W 70.75'' X P/D 70.75' X H 29.5''

L/W 78.75'' X P/D 39'' X H 29.5''

L/W 94.5'' X P/D 39''' X H 29.5''

L/W 118'' X P/D 39' X H 29.5''


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