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Agatha Suspension

Designed by Luis Eslava  for LZF

With an arresting and dramatic demeanour, Agatha fills the room with her ambient glow and appealing body. Designed by Luis Eslava, Agatha’s elegant interlacing whorls of handmade wood veneer strips spring concentrically from its centre, their mass blossoming and flourishing. Inspired by the celebrated English writer Agatha Christie (fittingly, the light’s structure somewhat resembles the author’s wavy coiffure), the Agatha lamp is sculptural, physical and versatile. Available as a small or large suspension lamp and as a suspension ball, Agatha’s shape alters to some degree —depending upon the angle from which it is viewed— so teasing and titillating the viewer.

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Agatha ball 33" RD x 27.6" H

Agatha small 30" RD x 14.6" H

Agatha large 56.7" RD x 30" H

8' cord drop


See Catalog PDF for sizes and options

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