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Dandelion Suspension

Designed by Burkhard Dämmer  for LZF

Bearing a resemblance to its flowering namesake, Burkhard Dämmer’s large Dandelion suspension lamp is a radiant composite of many single florets. Independent and distinct, each funnel-shaped floret appears to shine alone, yet en masse they create the Dandelion’s sparkle. The florets are made using LZF’s wood veneer and then placed side by side, where they rise and fall in tandem from the Dandelion’s centre. The effect is striking, with every funnel of light coalescing in one collective and brilliant whole. The Dandelion pendant was the recipient of the prestigious German Design Award 2017.

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33.5" RD x 31.9"H

8' cord drop


See Catalog PDF for sizes and options

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