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Full of distinctively elegant and unexpected shapes...

Juice Table

Luigi Bardini began selling staples to local industries, and, to give credit where it’s due, he did it very well. After just two years as a sales representative, he opted to switch from staples to wooden furniture, setting up a factory with the help of two partners. Families needed furniture. Simple as that! Miniforms was born. In the next thirty years, all sorts happened. From the first time in New York to the first failed product, to the first big success. By the time the new century began, Miniforms was producing furniture accessories for Italy and the world. In 2009, Luigi handed the company over to his sons Alessandro, Matteo and Mario. At this point a few things changed. Young designers were chosen, investments were moved around, shapes became rounder and the product became iconic and avant-garde, but above all colourful. Are you crazy, a green chair…? our accountant asked us.
In truth, while always liking colour, Miniforms had always used it gingerly. It was scary. But fears should be squarely faced, so firstly we gained familiarity with the strong colours, the bold, exuberant ones, like yellow, red and green. Initially it was strange to see such a lively seat! Then we made friends with colour, grew more confident, and began to experiment with a broader palette full of different nuances. From there, we developed the breezy yet distinguished language, full of distinctively elegant and unexpected shapes, that is a common denominator in all of our products. If we are attached to traditions, it is not because they are fashionable, but because we grew up in this region and with this way of doing things.
While contexts may change, the substance remains the same. Proposing products to be enjoyed.

our favorite Miniforms designs

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