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Coil 48

designed by Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

made by SkLO



set of 3 with stand


Twisting tubes of handblown glass with cut and polished ends, the SkLO Coil 48 Object showcases the inimitable clarity and thickness of Czech glass, embodying the ability of glassblowing to capture the kinetic moment in time. Handblown, no two exactly alike. Sold in intertwine-able groups of three, or in intertwine-able groups of three with a handmade steel table stand.

Lead Time

16 weeks


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Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

Karen is an acclaimed craft artist and metalsmith who has always integrated glass into her work. As a design director at SkLO, Karen brings her intuitive understanding of craft and making. Paul is a trained and practicing architect, and he brings an architect’s sense of design to his work as a design director at SkLO. For Paul, architecture, product design, graphic design, lighting design, and web design are all extensions of the same idea.

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