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designed by Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

made by SkLO



set of all 3


Cylindrical at the base, the Pinch Vessels transition along their length to an oval shape at the top. Available in 3 sizes and a palette of transparent colors. Perfectly functional, they are also sophisticated minimal objects on their own.
Three vessels in three colors, only as shown.
All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent.

Lead Time

16 weeks

Small 9"x 12"

Contact us for more info

Med 7.5" x 15", Large 9" x 20"


Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

Karen is an acclaimed craft artist and metalsmith who has always integrated glass into her work. As a design director at SkLO, Karen brings her intuitive understanding of craft and making. Paul is a trained and practicing architect, and he brings an architect’s sense of design to his work as a design director at SkLO. For Paul, architecture, product design, graphic design, lighting design, and web design are all extensions of the same idea.

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