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Domenica Bed

designed by Simone Boananni

made by Pianca



queen grd B leather/fabric


As a tribute to Sunday, the day of rest, the Domenica bed invites you to relax and recline in a solid, warm and protective embrace. A bed where you can relax, read and recline at leisure, gently cocooned by the soft shapes of a structure that creates a safe, intimate corner. One single continuous line draws a delicate, organic silhouette. The exposed zip, is a key feature of the bed profile, transforming the zip from a functional element to a distinctive detail. The bed contour widens majestically and then curves downwards in a sharp diagonal as if to close the shape in order to protect, conceal or shelter. There is an optional underbed container for better organization of storage.

Lead Time

6 weeks quick ship

Queen: W.64.96"/79.92" x H.42.12" x D.93.30"

Contact us for more info

King: W.80.7"/95.67" x H.42.12" x D.93.30"

just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Simone Bonanni

Simone Bonanni believes aesthetics should be a consequence of a deep understanding of the essence, context, function and meaning of a certain typology of objects and it should not only relate to a personal taste.

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