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Bellevie Chair V2

designed by Pagnon & Pelhaître

made by Fermob



with loop leg


In the very extensive Bellevie family, discover the wonders of the garden chair v2! Much like its relatives, it boasts the same features – designed by the studio Pagnon et Pelhaître – that reflect our contemporary lifestyle, and soft tempting curves that invite you to sit. But it does have a unique feature: it has added appeal to restaurant owners looking for a premium chair that stands out for its sturdiness and stability. Imagine yourself comfortably seated on your Bellevie chair: you are enjoying the outdoors while the sun gently caresses your skin. Or, alternatively, you are now seated on the terrace of your favourite restaurant. In both scenarios, you're sitting in your Bellevie chair... The sledge base, which is characteristic of the Bellevie collection, ensures the stability that you will grow to love. And, thanks to this base, your chair will no longer get stuck between the slats on your terrace. With a steel seat and aluminium frame and backrest, covered in polyester powder paint, your chair v2 is sure to stand the test of time. And harsh weather is no match. It is eco-designed, easily dismantled and 100% recyclable. And that’s not all! Your chair is entirely made in France. And, last but not least, it is simply stunning! Your Bellevie v2 chairs beautifully pair with the tables of the same collection: whether you have 2, 4 or 6 guests, Bellevie has the solution with the 74x80, 140x80 and 196x90 cm tables, with or without storage compartments. Your chairs are also perfect with the timeless or contemporary tables offered in the Fermob catalogue, as well as with the tables with tablecloths, for an elegant effect. So, in the end, which table will you choose for your Bellevie chairs? And what about the colour? Dive into the extensive colour chart!

Lead Time

8 weeks

17.5"W x 129.5"D x 32.5"H x 18"SH

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just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Pagnon & Pelhaître

In 1980 Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhaître created their own design agency: Pagnon & Pelhaître Design, specializing in furniture and architecture. "We want to create milestones, signs and products with those involved in economic and cultural life. We love shapes and especially the ambition that drives them. Our specialty is design and architecture: creating a number of products that generate the image of changes in lifestyles." Our projects are put together with the aim of imposing contemporary shapes that are constantly evolving, made with precision and quality." This is their vision of design.

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