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Sixties Low Table

designed by Frédéric Sofia

made by Fermob




Like the rest of the collection, this metal low table is a nod to the decade from which it takes its name. Designed by Frédéric Sofia, the man behind the attractive rework of the iconic Luxembourg chair, it stands out for its splayed legs, which give it an irresistible vintage look. Keen to bring some of the joy and optimism of the swinging 60s into your home or onto your balcony? Then the Sixties designer metal table is just what the doctor ordered! It’ll add a decorative touch to your garden, or to any indoor space for that matter. Its lightweight build makes it extremely easy to move around. Unashamedly mobile by design, this compact little table will slip effortlessly onto a small balcony or into the corner of a lounge. This timeless garden table is also built to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions, thanks to its design and polyester coating, which protects it from inclement weather and UV rays. It comes in all 24 shades of the Fermob colour chart, and makes the ideal partner for the Sixties two-seater bench or designer armchair – perfect for curling up!

Lead Time

12-18 weeks (quick ship options available)

30"W x 22"D x 16"H

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just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Frédéric Sofia

"Between graphics and function, structural realism and formal aesthetics, Frédéric Sofia makes his way instinctively, from the world of objects to contemporary art.
Self-taught, his formation followed atypical and transversal paths. He functions without methodology, without theory, with a practical intuition that needs no explanation. He intervenes on the object in a way that is both classical and viral. The transformations, the messages, are subtly conveyed. Sly references take form and propagate. Without frontiers, a hybrid soul, he recognizes the signs of affiliation, respects individual groups, desacralizing symbols even as he restores them."

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