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Acco Table

designed by Florian Schmid

made by Miniforms



78.7" W


Acco is an elegant dining table with a strong character that resists labelling. It displays a mature, sophisticated language, which is developed through the design of the base frame with its distinct regular pattern of wooden lines.

Lead Time

20-25 weeks

28" H x 55" Dia
28" H x 61" Dia

Contact us for more info

78.7" W x 47.2" D x 29.5" H
94.5" W x 47.2" D x 29.5" H
102.4" W x 47.2" D x 29.5" H

just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Florian Schmid

Florian Schmid, born 1984 in Germany, graduated 2011 from the the Munich University of Applied Sciences and founded immediately after its own studio. The studio designs projetcs ranging from furniture to products, textiles and consumer goods. Often the objects have a figurative an iconic impression. The design process is lead by a strong playfull and experimental way, always considering first the material itself and its character. With his design he wants to provoke the consumers emotion and improving the surrounding environment.

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