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Glamour Table

designed by Studio Contromano

made by Bontempi



59" round ceramic top


As the name suggests, the Glamour dining table by Bontempi Casa offers a glamourous style to your modern home. The chic design features a highly customizable tabletop and geometric four-legged base with a cross-shaped metal structure attached to each leg for an eye-catching touch. The base and feet feature contrasting metal colors to make this table stand out in the space. There is plenty of room for the whole family to gather for meals. Thanks to quality construction, this will be a focal point in your dining area for a long time. Designed by Contromano Studio and manufactured in Italy to ensure quality, the Glamour dining table is available in round, rectangular, and oval sizes. The top comes in wood, glass, ceramic, and marble finishes, while the frame and decorative feet come in metal options.

Lead Time

20-25 weeks

59" × 29½"H, 78¾"W × 41¾" D × 29½"H, 98½"W × 45¾" D × 29½"H

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78¾"W × 41¾" D × 29½"H

just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Studio Contromano

After various working experience Marco Gottardi and Stefania Crippa meet themselves in Lissoni Associati studio of Milan, where they start working together on design and architecture projects around the world, working side by side with experts on field and well-known design companies. In 2014 they found Studio Contromano, that can be considered as a creative think tank, a constant inspiration to design something new and stimulating. It is a work-in-progress project that mixes our personal experience with a common design view, combining aesthetic balance and industrial production. We are constantly researching new contemporary languages through different finishing and chromatic combination, bringing this in all the project we design.

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