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Lasso Pendant

designed by Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

made by SkLO



9" length (style 1.0)


Sculpted solid glass
The glass loops of each Lasso 1.0 Pendant are made by hand, one at a time, from solid glass. Each is unique and slightly different, lending the finished composition a very organic feel. The final composition is meant to be slightly chaotic, yet beautiful.
Sleek elegance
The Lasso 2.0 Pendant is simple in its design, yet it works within a multitude of different interiors. There is an elegance to the design which lends itself to more traditional spaces, yet it is also sleek in a way that works within modern interiors as a focal, sculptural element. It looks as beautiful “off” as it does “on”.

Lead Time

14-16 weeks

1.0 Lasso 9"L x 17"D x 25"H, 36"-63" overall drop

Contact us for more info

2.0 Lasso 13"L x 17"D x 25"H, 36"-63" overall drop

just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak

SkLO was founded by husband and wife design team Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak, and visionary Pavel Hanousek. For Karen and Paul, SkLO represented the opportunity to make whole their shared philosophy about craft, while utilizing each of their individual skills. Karen’s as an acclaimed craft artist and metalsmith, whose hands-on work integrated glass; and Paul’s as a trained and practicing architect with a deep belief in the honesty of materials, expression of process, and importance of restraint.

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