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Minimikado Pendant

designed by Miguel Herranz

made by LZF




The Mikado light takes its names from the classic pick-up-sticks game, where sticks are bundled together and when released, fall in a circular jumble. A radiant light, Mikado’s wood veneer strips spread outwards, in a manner evocative of a bird’s plumage. Cleverly engineered, the Mikado’s form is both chaotic and harmonious at the same time.

Designed by Miguel Herranz, the Mikado is a free spirit, possessing an air of nonchalance and a teasingly impish swagger. It is a light whose profile is like a coruscating kaleidoscope of pattern.

Lead Time

12 weeks

24,4 x 20,9 x 19,7"

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just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Miguel Herranz

Spanish designer Miguel Herranz has named the creative process that he applies in both design and industry-related areas ‘The Conceptual Nebula’. This analytical-anarchical process makes it possible to create conceptual tools for finding real design solutions, based on analysing three core elements found in every project: culture, industry and society.

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