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Spiro Pendant

designed by Remedios Simón

made by LZF




Op art (optical art) developed in the 1960s as an artistic style that used geometric shapes to generate optical illusions. With a nod to the genre, designer Remedios Simón created Spiro, a charismatic pendant whose frame contains a mass of irregular wood veneer spirals.
Available in different outer shell versions (cherrywood, large acrylic white or black, medium acrylic white or black), Spiro is an impressive light with an enchanting aura. Similar to op art, Spiro plays with the physiology and psychology of human perception, its charm utterly irresistible.

Lead Time

12 weeks

medium ø29,5 x 5,9"

Contact us for more info

large ø37,8 x 5,9"

just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Remedios Simón

Remedios Simón studied Fine Arts in Valencia. It was at that point she was able to focus attention on sculpture, a discipline she had in mind since her first day of school. For Remedios, notions of volume and space, textures and materials, influenced her way of thinking. Her pieces were sculptural, with shapes that were solid and firm.

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