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Our objective is achieving EXCELLENCE in every single thing we do...


Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi established what would become the high-end contemporary design house known as Bontempi Casa in 1963, and in 1970, opened the company's current headquarters in Camerano, Italy. They have since created innumerable tables, chairs, bookcases, storage units, desks, and consoles, with an emphasis on innovation and eco-sustainability. 

Bontempi Casa's modern chair collection is full of unique silhouettes, and use angles and curves in eye-catching ways that makes them double as a comfortable place to sit along with a functional piece of art. Whether it’s an accent chair or chairs for the dining room table, Bontempi Casa’s collection illustrates the modern aesthetic with style.

The products offered by Bontempi Casa are not only beautiful and comfortable but designed for longevity as well. Bontempi Casa only uses the best quality materials for their products, which is why they have such a prestigious reputation in the modern furniture realm. 

our favorite Bontempi designs

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