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Full of character, made from quality materials that age beautifully.

Bok Table.jpg

Ethnicraft creates beautiful furniture and decorative objects that are the foundation for people’s homes, to inspire the stories of their lives. For over twenty-five years, they have been creating timeless furniture from solid wood. A love that evolves with the years as it carries the marks of the life that happens to it. As it is incredibly strong and ages well with time, They believe wood is what makes their furniture the solid and dependable foundation of a home. 
They create collections for every room of the house: from the furniture that defines the purpose of a space, to the objects and accessories that layer it with meaning. All of their designs are intentionally timeless. They withstand trends and associate well with different styles, so they can be passed on from one home to the next, carrying over the stories of one lifetime into another.

our favorite Ethnicraft designs

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