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Harmony and creativity for a perfect living experience


Saba was established in 1987 and has worked ever since in the pursuit of relaxing design concepts. The concept, as well as the selection of materials, workmanship and manufacture, are all guided by the desire to experiment without overstepping the boundary into excess, supported by constant attention to quality and ergonomics. Saba believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics to stir the emotions. An all-female brand, from Amelia Pegorin, CEO, to the team that animates the soft and welcoming collections it creates, to the collaborations it feeds on. A design path where products move and change configuration through light and feminine gestures. And the style of the sofas, which are dressed in vibrant colors and welcoming textures, feeds on this research.

Since its inception, Saba Italia has approached design manufacturing in a focused and selected way, avoiding mass-production in favor of a considered design output. The brand has made its name for its care in the research process, which favors an apparent simplicity, resulting from a constant passion for shapes and a very personal and unique approach to color and textile aesthetics – two of the defining factors that characterize the Italian manufacturer.

our favorite Saba designs

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