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Fushimi Lounge Chair

designed by Philippe Tabet

made by Pianca



hide leather


Italian craftsmanship fuses with Japanese style in an armchair deeply infused with references and tactile experiences. A new complement is added to the Fushimi collection. A tale of expectations derives from the tangential relationship between the joints. Leather wraps around wood, renewing an ancient collaboration: evocation of new relationships between material and colour. A reinterpretation of the Fushimi bed, the Fushimi lounge armchair builds on the dominating features of its own inspiration, starting with how the luxurious solid wood is machined and finished. Designed with simplicity, naturalness and proportion, the Fushimi Lounge chair has a wooden structure that is both concealed and exposed in symbiosis with the main leather section whose meticulous craftsmanship is utterly inviting. Available in solid walnut or ash in the Rovere Naturale, Borgogna and Canaletto shades or Open-pore Nero, natural hard leather in the Hermes, Moro and Nero colours.

Lead Time

18 - 20 weeks

W 27.17” H 29.92” D 24.80”

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just a few of the many custom finish options to choose from 


Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet was born in Versailles and got his degree in Industrial Design in Lyons. He completed his academic studies in Paris, where he started working with industrial and global design studios. Driven by the desire to gain a deeper understanding of the history of furniture, Philippe Tabet moved to Milan in 2011, starting his professional career in the furniture industry. In 2014 he decided to set up his own studio, making the focus of his work the production process, materials and their specific features: the shapes derived from them become a continuum of the material from which they are crafted.

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