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Emerging Gold

100% New Zealand Wool



5' x 8'


Designed by Jacquin Headen, the Emerging Gold rug is made-to-order and hand-crafted in a choice of nylon or 100% New Zealand wool. Made entirely by single needle hand tufting, one line at a time to provide ultimate design flexibility and a richly dense pile. The single-needle craftsmanship technique allows for crisp detail and varied pile heights lending sophisticated texture and uncompromising luxury. Each rug can be custom colored and sized to the customers’ exacting specifications.

Lead Time

12 weeks

Because every Creative Accents rug is hand-crafted to order, each is a custom creation. This design can be adjusted to add or remove detail or alter the recommended color scheme. The customer is able to select colors from the Creative Accents pallet or specify a custom color. This rug can be made in nearly any shape, size or dimension.

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Creative Accents manufactures fine handmade area rugs in the United States using both high quality wool and nylon yarn. The following suggestions for keeping your area rug looking beautiful apply to both fibers. We cannot over-emphasize the wisdom of a regular cleaning program. If you wait until the soiling is noticeable the dirt may have worked its way from the surface down to the base of the rug where it will be harder to remove. For light to medium traffic areas, proper daily vacuuming of high traffic areas will help reduce soiling and keep your area rugs looking like new. For spot cleaning, respond quickly.  If possible, use a professional cleaner familiar with cleaning fine area rugs.  If cleaning yourself, be prepared for multiple treatments applied to the affected area. Wool rugs require extra care to remove spots or spills. Avoid using excessive agitation or heat and harsh “Oxygen” type cleaners, which may damage the wool yarn. Blot, don’t scrub or rub. You get the idea. Scrubbing works the spill into the pile while potentially harming the yarn. Although true for both nylon and wool, it is especially the case with wool yarn, which will mat if over agitated.

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